Water Damage Restoration-Equipment Rental a New Approach From the beginning in the water damage industry little has changed when it comes to how restoration companies charge their services and in particular, equipment rental. Originally this was done from a lack of knowledge and experience, as the restoration industry was in its infancy stage. The industry [...]

For almost a decade now Restoration Logistics has provided scholarships to outstanding children and grandchildren of Colorado’s active fire service personnel. We are pleased to announce the tradition will continue in 2012. “Having been on scene too many times to count and witnessing first-hand this repeated dedication, devotion to duty and, in many cases, outright [...]

Now that the transformation of Restoration Logistics is completed we want to affirm and strengthen our commitment to the “Spirit of Cooperation” between the restoration/reconstruction triad: the insured, the insurance company and the Restoration Logistics (the restoration contractor). It is our experience that the more cooperative the parties are, coupled with easier, faster and more [...]

Storms season is here, and while we don’t get the big thunder-boomers and tornadoes they do in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma, we do get weather for which we need to prepare. Here are some measures you can take to protect your family and property when severe storm strikes: Maintain your landscaping. Use shredded bark instead [...]

The 12th Annual AAMD Maintenance Olympics had a record breaking attendance of more than 800 service personnel. DRI was proud to be a Torch sponsor for this year’s games. For the second year Legacy Partners won the “We Hammered Em” award based on scoring for attendance numbers and competition rankings. Also for the second year, [...]

After a quarter-century of local ownership, DRI, Denver’s premier disaster restoration firm, has been sold to an investment group from Nevada. Terms of the April 19 sale to Lake Tahoe-based Jenmar Investment Group, LLC weren’t announced. Jenmar is an investment group providing opportunities to its members. “Jenmar could not be more pleased by the acquisition [...]

Few words elicit fear and trepidation into one’s soul more than the six-letter, two-syllable one of cancer. “You never give up; you got to keep fighting.” About the only thing to make a cancer diagnosis worse is to add the word pancreatic. “[Doctors] told me to go home and get my personal affairs in order. [...]

As the first wild fire of the season burns in Golden, there are some tips home owners might consider to lessen the chance for losing their homes. 1) Design and landscape your home with wildfire safety in mind. 2) Select materials and plants that can help contain fire rather than fuel it. 3) Use fire [...]

On March 8 maintenance professionals from across Colorado will gather to compete for the prestigious “We Hammered ‘Em” award signifying the excellence in the state’s Maintenance Olympics. DRI is once again proud to be a sponsor of these Olympics. The AAMD Maintenance Olympics celebrates multifamily maintenance professionals through educational seminars and competitions. Service technicians attend [...]

The Arctic storm that blasted through the Front Range shortly after lunchtime on a Wednesday in mid-January droped temperatures nearly 20 degrees in less than an hour and brought gusty northerly winds that topped the 50 mph mark. While Winter 2010-2011 has been short on storms for metro Denver, it has proven to pack a [...]